$33 Million Tax Increase Vote: Lake Orion Community School District

Two 20-year bonds for vote:
– Proposition A – $28.7 million
– Proposition B – $ 4.5 million

Student’s parents spend $350 for sports and are worried about skyrocketing college tuition, and rising gas/food/health care costs. Taxpayers are concerned about increased home assessments and the rumored millage increases coming in November. Many residents have budgeted and cut; school officials should do more with what they already receive!

How much will this cost me?
– If your home’s taxable value is $150,000, you will pay a total of $1,323.15 annually in school mileage. ($1,123.15 current).

What is the financial position of the district?

  • The school district is already over $163 MILLION in debt.
  • Currently, the average State of Michigan debt per pupil is $14,000, well below the current Lake Orion School’s debt per pupil of $21,538.
  • If the bonds are passed, the district’s debt will soar to $25,908 per pupil!

These bonds are irresponsible!

    • These are non-qualified bonds; they are not backed by the State of Michigan!  This means if the district cannot meet its long-term debt obligations, it can increase your tax mileage WITHOUT your approval at any time!
    • Operating expenses will increase as a direct affect of the bonds.
    • Increased expenses will open the door to future tax increases due to costs imposed on the day-to-day school operating budget by purchases stated in the projects list of the bonds.
    • Within these two bonds are $2.6 MILLION dedicated to the bond campaign fees, consultants, and professionals alone!
    • Enrollment is DECREASING yet they are trying to INCREASE spending!!!

Students and teachers come first ONLY when school districts are fiscally responsible.



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